Monday, June 30, 2008

Berkeley Boys

Stunnaman - Drugs

The Pack - Jello

The Pack - Get Money

Buenos Aires a Oakland

My old boss/idol Disco Shawn started a cuuummmbbbiiiaaa label called Bersa Discos. It's super hot shit. He left my life to move to Argentina, but now he's back in the states releasing fun music. Check them out if you get a chance!

So Moist

Turn the lights down low... it's D'Angelo time.

American Boy

Jay Z over Estelle

Sunday, June 29, 2008

It Must Be Your Ass, Because It Ain't Your Face

Remember this inventive credit card usage?

Byrning Down the House

We all know David Byrne and how much of a bad ass he (and the Talking Heads) is...

In 1981 he and Brian Eno made a stonertastic record that I highly recomend "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts"

Below are some youtube videos of some songs from the album. If you find the record pick it up.

Some Remixes of Bush of Ghosts

Reading Rainbow

The new issue of Fader had me revisit some Reading Rainbow. The theme song is so funky, way fresher than i remember.

The theme song was written by Steve Horelick who was also the music director. I bet he had a part in getting Run DMC on the show.

LeVar Burton is a PIMP

Saturday, June 28, 2008

New DJ Mark 7 Mix

New DJ Mark 7 Bay Mix

1. The Jacka - Barney (blend)
2. Dre Dog - Situation Critical
3. Smigg Dirtee feat I-Rocc & Yukmouth - Superstar (remix)
4. The Perk - Brand New
5. Mac Lee - So Vicious
6. Jay Tee & Young Dru - Boyz In Vallejo
7. Young “D” Boyz - Younger Days
8. V-White & The Politician - Fuck These Scrapers
9. 11/5 feat Woodie - Cash
10. Laroo feat The Jacka - 20 Bricks

You can check out his myspace at

Friday, June 27, 2008

So Much Swagger

Soulja Boy is a sex symbol

Money Like a Muh'Fucka

Nothin' On Me is the second hardbodiest song on the Carter 3. The most hardbodiest would be Millie (He's a VD and lakes a menstrual bleed). It's Fabolous Juelz Santana (bleh) and of course my #1 man crush, Weezy F.

D'wayne's verse is full of rap quotables...

Get you 3-4 get you like da number after 1 I'm a get me 2
It's weezy f u now u gotta hava babayy
My money don't fold nor bends
Mercedes Maybach, grey black
And I gota 4-4 and a k like 8-stacks
Fuck yo city yo town I state facts, take dat
No, better yet like diddy take dat
Wait rats I hate rats
I clean dem out like ajax
Got paper like A fax machine
Damn I mean asinine
Dappa don
After mine there will be non
Damn I mean there will be none
I will be one
Of dat greatest things u ever felt you ever seen
Or heard carter-d horror ya'll scared
Not me
Not I
Call me young Popeye
Tell Bruno I'm a nuno
I'll bring raul to your funo
Damn I mean funeral funerol
You say tomato I say tamata
U say get em I say got em
Yea I got em
Man u better keep payin me cause u don't want my problems
I be wildin like capital one... what is in your wallet
You fly
But what is it to pilot
Weezy I'm at the top foot up in your bottom
Damn I mean foot up in your ass
I kick dat shit I gon put it in da trash

Uh I get money like a mutherfucka
Shades darker den I bitch but I could see
I got everything
You got nuthing
You ain't got nuthin on me
Uhhh I'm gettin money like a mutherfucka
Yeaa money u ain't never see yeaa
I got everything
You got nuthing
You ain't got nuthin on me

It Doesn't Get Better

Nina Simone

Syl Johnson


Trunk Boiz

Cupcake No Fillin'

Scraper Bikes

...And I'm Yellin' Domino

some Cube and some Isley Bros

Some Minnie Ripperton....

...can definatly set the weekend off right

Thursday, June 26, 2008

California Makes it Rain

Damn I hate Game
Jesus I love Keyshia
Oh Boy! do Love me some Tony! Toni! Toné!

I miss Northern Califoria

Christ is California South of S.L.O wack


Big Tank, Big Bank

What's Upper? Burn Rubber

Gap Band