Friday, June 27, 2008

Money Like a Muh'Fucka

Nothin' On Me is the second hardbodiest song on the Carter 3. The most hardbodiest would be Millie (He's a VD and lakes a menstrual bleed). It's Fabolous Juelz Santana (bleh) and of course my #1 man crush, Weezy F.

D'wayne's verse is full of rap quotables...

Get you 3-4 get you like da number after 1 I'm a get me 2
It's weezy f u now u gotta hava babayy
My money don't fold nor bends
Mercedes Maybach, grey black
And I gota 4-4 and a k like 8-stacks
Fuck yo city yo town I state facts, take dat
No, better yet like diddy take dat
Wait rats I hate rats
I clean dem out like ajax
Got paper like A fax machine
Damn I mean asinine
Dappa don
After mine there will be non
Damn I mean there will be none
I will be one
Of dat greatest things u ever felt you ever seen
Or heard carter-d horror ya'll scared
Not me
Not I
Call me young Popeye
Tell Bruno I'm a nuno
I'll bring raul to your funo
Damn I mean funeral funerol
You say tomato I say tamata
U say get em I say got em
Yea I got em
Man u better keep payin me cause u don't want my problems
I be wildin like capital one... what is in your wallet
You fly
But what is it to pilot
Weezy I'm at the top foot up in your bottom
Damn I mean foot up in your ass
I kick dat shit I gon put it in da trash

Uh I get money like a mutherfucka
Shades darker den I bitch but I could see
I got everything
You got nuthing
You ain't got nuthin on me
Uhhh I'm gettin money like a mutherfucka
Yeaa money u ain't never see yeaa
I got everything
You got nuthing
You ain't got nuthin on me

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