Saturday, November 29, 2008

Always & Forever

Dear Beezies and Bankrolls,
Sorry I haven't been very attentive to your needs lately. It has nothing to do with you, or my love for you. I've just been really busy with work and family things. I love you.

Alwayz + 4eva,

Mister W.

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's a Lifestyle


I knew I should've went to college! I love the advice from the girl holding the camera. "Just follow what he does". Some true words of wisdom right there!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Little Bruce - Mobbin' In My Old School

11-5 - Brousin'

Freddy B - I Cant Call It

San Quinn - Shock The Party

Catch the gas break dipping in the backstreets of the Rich.

Tru - Mobbin Thru The Hood

Young Bleed, Master P and C-Loc - How Ya Do Dat

TRU - I'm Bout It, Bout It

Do or Die - Powder Hard

West Rose!

Ray Luv - Definition of ah Hustla

Mr Doctor and Brotha Lynch Hung - Bloccstyle

Conscious Daughters - Fonky Expedition

See if you can catch the cameos in this one.

Richie Rich - Let's Ride


Jamal Crawford is a Warrior.
Bye bye Baby Al, hello batfuckingnuts highlights:

Defense is for suckers.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Favorite New Genre of Music

I'm still really into bay area rap and soul music but I'm going to start pretending to like this crap so I can perve out to art school whores mastering their microphone technique.

San Francisco Dreaming

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Game Related


Game Related - Soak Game

Merton Hanks

Gucci + Bay

Gucci Mane is the best bay area rapper right now (even though he's not from the bay).

HELLA ONES, is a song where Gucci Mane says "hella" a lot. The video is pretty fantastic, mostly b/c there's a lot of big butts. It's not very work appropriate, but if you want an accurate summery of what goes on in the video check out this chick's review. It's pretty accurate.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Deglazing the Pan

I never really understood the term salad tossing. Well I understand the act and it's benefits, but I could never figure out where the phrase came from. I'm suggesting we find a better term. Maybe something else originating from the kitchen?

Deglazing the pan.

Super Angry

Blapstar is a Blipster who I would get a lot of satisfaction from punching. For inspiring this awful person, I think Lil B should get banned from the internet.

Bonus: This should make me angry... but it doesn't

These Hoes Wanna Fuck My Car

Humpkin Pie

Ron Jeremy's been stirrin' the seeds since 1995:

"Humpkin Pie
Company: Heatwave Entertainment
Director: Mark
Cast: Alabama, Brianon, Dick Nasty, Frank Towers, Lennox, Ron Jeremy
Running Time: 86
Reviewed by: Alex Simmons
Reviewed In: January 1996

The phenomenally stacked Jordan St. James has thick, pouty lips and a pair of legs that stretch all the way up to her majestic ass. Jordan reclines on a poolside lounger to offer Frank Towers her mohawk juicebox, and without skipping a beat, hops into bed with Dick Nasty, where she blows him while slapping her melon-tits against his balls. Nothing too fancy, but Humpkin Pie has more than its share of smoke-curling moments."

B&B readers, let us know your thoughts on the MOHAWK JUICEBOX.

Money Wads

OJ Da Juiceman and I have the same approach to watching football. We both find a friend with a house in the Hollywood Hills that exercises top calibre couch game. We find bikini-clad babes to prepare our food. And we both have an appreciation for palm trees and quality greenery.

Project Pat, OJ Da Juiceman - Keep It Hood

This video kinda reminds me of (babe booty alert)

Global Warming

Is it still summertime or what? Another hot sunny day:

Celly Cel "Hot Sunny Day"

Monday, November 17, 2008

Young Bari

Gary the Rat.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Hey all you Orangina lovers out there, just because Halloween is over doesn't mean you have to wipe the pulp off your straws! Humpkin fever lasts all fall long!
check out these au natural humpkins sent to us by

and don't forget some LONG-STEM for the laydeez! (and puerto rico, HO!):

Big THX to need4seeds. keep sending in those humpkin pics ya'll!

and check out the definition of HUMPKIN on, clueless users there have been giving the true definition the thumbs down, what's up with that? they need a thumb up their kin-- their mom for instance.


Dubee - My Thang

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Emo Diplomacy

There is a lot of hate in this world towards Emo boyz and girlz. Not from me anymore. Today I contacted my accountant and I'm cutting off the funding I send to The Mexican Anti-Emo Army. When I first started sending this money I thought I was doing the right thing by making the world safe for future generations. I discovered a very eye opening website that has changed my mind. (NSFW) has taught me Emoz are people we can love, as long as they don't speak.


Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out

Dudley Perkins - Flowers


Colonic - Round 2 from Mary Rambin on Vimeo.

The first time she goes in for her colonic. I think it's funny to watch these and pretend she's doing sexier things than washing out the inside of her butt.

My Colonic from Mary Rambin on Vimeo.


This song has been stuck in my head for 4 months. It doesn't help that American Boy is on the radio every 15 seconds.

I'd let Beyonce take me out to breakfast. I'd floss her chain. There would be some sugar pouring and I'd...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

San Diego

I just got back into town from a 4 day stay in the Chupacabra's vagina, San Diego. Here is a short Youtube video essay with some highlights from my stay. While these may not be actual videos from my trip, they do an excellent job describing my experience.

The guys

Combine these three videos for the women.

Mixed with

Look at me! I'm hot.

The bars


Old people getting down

And a lot of these people

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Everyone knows that youth is magical. That's why I dress my 24 year old girlfriend up in a cheerleading outfit and pretend she's 14: the magic factor.

The Brunettes - Brunettes Against Bubblegum Youth (BABY)

Mac Dre, Smoov E, and San Quinn appreciate smooth skin:

Mac Dre - Show Me The Way
"No '89 earthquake bitches for Furl..."

this is a great song about what Boppers' magic can do to you:

LA Boppers - You Did It Good

Chamillionaire's lil brother Rasaq sings about how Boppers like his diamonds:

Rasaq - Boppers All On My Jock


Friday, November 7, 2008

Weather Girlz

Up in the Bay Area the weather was always the shittiest segment on the local news. Before I moved to Los Angeles, this was always when I got up to grab something from the fidge or use the potty. The weather girlz in L.A. are super top-notch, almost to the point of making up for all the shitty crap down here.

In the mornings I like to chill with big breasted Elita Loresca on KNBC. Her chest is so fluffy, for a better look check out her pictures in FHM.

After work I love to spend my time with Jackie Johnson on KCAL because she is always the most informative about the weather I already experienced all day long.

Sometimes when I'm feeling extra lonely I switch to the Spanish stations because they have the sluttiest weather girlz.

Lucille Bogan - Shave 'em Dry (1935)

I got nipples on my titties, big as the end of my thumb,
I got somethin' between my legs'll make a dead man come,
Oh daddy, baby won't you shave 'em dry?
Want you to grind me baby, grind me until I cry.
Say I fucked all night, and all the night before baby,
And I feel just like I wanna, fuck some more,
Oh great God daddy,
Grind me honey and shave me dry,
And when you hear me holler baby, want you to shave it dry.
I got nipples on my titties, big as the end of my thumb,
Daddy you say that's the kind of 'em you want, and you can make 'em come,
Oh, daddy shave me dry,
And I'll give you somethin' baby, swear it'll make you cry.
I'm gon' turn back my mattress, and let you oil my springs,
I want you to grind me daddy, 'til the bell do ring,
Oh daddy, want you to shave 'em dry,
Oh great God daddy, if you can't shave 'em baby won't you try?
Now if fuckin' was the thing, that would take me to heaven,
I'd be fuckin' in the studio, till the clock strike eleven,
Oh daddy, daddy shave 'em dry,
I would fuck you baby, honey I'd make you cry.
Now your nuts hang down like a damn bell sapper,
And your dick stands up like a steeple,
Your goddam ass-hole stands open like a church door,
And the crabs walks in like people.
Ow, shit!
Ooh! Baby, won't you shave 'em dry
A big sow gets fat from eatin' corn,
And a pig gets fat from suckin',
Reason you see this whore, fat like I am,
Great God, I got fat from fuckin'.
Eeeeh! Shave 'em dry
My back is made of whalebone,
And my cock is made of brass,
And my fuckin' is made for workin' men's two dollars,
Great God, round to kiss my ass.
Oh! Whoo, daddy, shave 'em dry

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Get high. Watch this film:


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One of the best nights of my life...

Last night, while watching Obama kill it, I ate some chips and barakamole, then smoked some barakoli (8 more years of these jokes), then devoured a square apple pie (to symbolize change in America), then watched the best episode of INTERVENTION I've ever seen:

This bitch huffs computer duster. Yarra WHOA. Must see TV (the rest of the episode is on youtube).

Track Meat

I need to hang out at more track meets.

Sarah: I Wanna Lay Pipe

John Brown Ft. Mistah FAB - Sarah Palin (I Wanna Lay Pipe) - Remix (zshare)

I saw this over on The Bay Is Back, the verse by Fabby is real short, but it's worth a listen just for the "John tapped me" and "We're gonna lay more pipe" samples.

Lyrics to Mistah FAB's verse
Sarah, Sarah you're so fine
Sarah, Sarah's she's on my mind
Hey Sarah, how dare ya let Obama's people scare ya
Oh ya Sarah, your mascara reminds me of this girl erika
Your butt is so big that I just love to stare at cha
If you don't get in the White House, you can come to my house
But after I lay this pipe, you're right,
You can get right out of my house with no sailin
Barely breathing or inhaling

lol @ "get a taste of the moose stew"

I still dig the The I Just Wanna Fuck Alyssa Milano more.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Batter Blaster

I've been seeing this at the super market a lot lately. New junk slang is everywhere.

John McCain's Bubble...

...BURST. punk rock.


(via Alvo)

Tru 2 Da Game

"OldSkoolNoLimit" recently uploaded TRU's album Tru 2 Da Game onto Youtube, one of my all time favorites.

People that know me know that Candy by Cameo is my jam, so when three brothers from Richmond / New Orleans remake it into a drug anthem, I really can't be mad.

TRU - I Got Candy

TRU is Master P, C-Murder, Silkk Tha Shocker.

Doesn't Silkk Tha Shocker sound like a someone's costume to a frat halloween party?

Silkk Tha Shocker - It Ain't My Fault

His line, "I'll make your hardest toughest rapper brush his teeth w/ my dick" always makes me feel uncomfortable.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Energy Conservation

Our power companies are always trying to give us advice on how to save energy at home... turn your thermostat to this temperature, do your laundry at this time, buy these light bulbs... but seldom are we offered energy saving advice in areas of our lives that matter. I'm here to help you. I've made it though life cutting corners, flying under the radar and half ass'ing just about everything I do. After all, how are you supposed to stop global warming and save money if you don't have the time or energy?

Problem: After a long night you are ready to be done doing sex but can't come to that end result your lady is looking for...

Energy Saving Tip: Hock a loogie on your hand, remove the meat, throw the loogie on her back, say thank you, take 2 Advil and you're off to sleep. You get to go to bed, her feelings aren't hurt and unnecessary chafing is at a minimum.

I know this isn't the most gentleman'y solution to the problem, remember I am only trying to save you time and energy, if you don't like it talk to Ann Landers.

Next Week: Doing the dishes