Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Butts and Beer

There are a couple things that i love in life,
1. beer
2. butt cleavage
3. booty meat
4. campy racism

Finally there is lifestyle destination for individuals like myself.

Don't open this link at work... 40oz Bounce . com

From my investigations i've discovered the site works like this... big butt'd porn stars get malt liquor splashed on their asses... the bounce the dump truck booties about for a bit... and then hardcore doing it.

...i'm not jerking it

Thunderheist - Jerk It
(pretty clever video premise with the rooster)

The secret to achieving that ill na na, is shaving twat

Knitting blankets, licking afro, licking angela davis' head

Did you see the video of wrestlers getting pummeled by folding chairs?