Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Africa is a big and diverse place, there are eagles and lions and elephants and sand-dunes, and nobody knows it better than Enya:

Enya - Storms in Africa

Have you ever seen that movie Elf? Sometimes retards are born in places where they don't fit in, but people try their best to make them feel not retarded, and Africa is no different:

Masai Dance Troop featuring Jay-cup

I'm a fan of your stew and pounded yam
I like to eat your fufu with my hands

Naija Boyz (O' & Teju) - African Remix of Lollipop

This is a song called Melle Tu Sens Bon (You Smell Good):

Dr.Sakis - Melle Tu Sens Bon
Check out Sakis other videos for a guy in a Dick Nixon mask trying to holler at a beezy in the park... then they shake it! It's political.

Thanks for the fun Africa! You smell good!

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