Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Black 'N Dangerous

Ding. Ding. Class is in session. A little Vallejo History.

Young Lay's Black 'N Dangerous is a classic.
Track Listing
1. Sic Set
2. On Da D***
3. Twisted
4. Livin' 'N Da Funk
5. Got 2 Survive
6. Ruthless Adolescent
7. Playah's Mode
8. Black 'N Dangerous
9. Stickin' 2 Da Grind
10. All About My Sfetti
11. Lawd Have Mercy
12. Puff Puff Pass
13. Playah's Mode (Remix)

Young Lay - Playahs Mode

Young Lay - All About My Fetti

Young Lay - Stickin' 2 da Grind

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  1. i was never on your list. just thought i'd return the favor. :)

    i'll show you mine if you show me yers. bloglist, that is.