Friday, July 18, 2008

Slappin' and Knockin'

Mistah FAB, The Pack - Slappin' in the Trunk

Telegraph Hat store + The Pack + neck breaking beat = Slapper

Mistah Fab live LIVE and im gettin bread
Plus i run in the bay like im Roger Craig
I be all in the city eatin lots of cheese
Wit my young hyenas that be poppin ease
Throwin up my tee's
Puttin on my face
Shake it like im shootin dice in every place
When i hit telegraph, I roll through the hat store
Buy 6 A's caps man then im good to go
Tell AC ill holla walk out the door
Hop in my scraper, but i dont close the door
Leave em wide open all the way baq to Oakland
My game behind the wheel is one of the dopest
My train is slippin, but im still dippin
Police right behind me, & i aint even trippin
A ticket aint nothin i get em all the time
Police wanna hate but they cant stop my shine

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