Monday, July 28, 2008

I Need Wheels

I saw this video on Nation of Thizzlam this morning, and it really got me remembering how great that Gregory D and Mannie Fresh combo was. Hell, anything with mannie fresh is okay by me.

I grew up with all the chicks singing "I Need Wheels" at me. My reputation totally preceded me. I got gifts.

Lil' Mac - I Need Wheels


Oh and don't forget to check out Mark 7's new 30 Min. Bay Mix
7-25-08 30 Minute Bay Mix
1. E-40 feat Akon - Wake It Up (blend)
2. Mac Dre feat Keak - I Feed My Bitch
3. Ray Luv - Get Ma Money On (blend)
4. E-40 feat Talib Kweli - Big Spit
5. Casual & San Quinn - Fresh 2 Def
6. Flossalini feat Ralph Razor & Joeyz - Box Chev
7. Dubee - My Thang (blend)
8. N2Deep feat Potna Deuce & Levitti - Parkin’ Lot Pimpin’
9. Keak - In Front Of Yo Mama’s House
10. Traxamillion - Bring It Back
11. The Team feat Mike Marshall - Summertime In The Town
12. Mac Dre - On My Toes
13. The Delinquents feat The Whoride - Can’t Be Stopped

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  1. man, that's hella funny. that's the st charles streetcar in new orleans, i was just on that shit.