Monday, December 15, 2008

Nancy in Sugar Town

Obviously we know Nancy Sinatra's boots did lots of sexy things:

"These Boots Were Made For Walking"

But Nancy also F'd with an S-load of MAD MAD COLA:

RC Cola Ad

When you're a total babe, you don't have to buy your own drugs. This song is about Nancy's sugar daddy (Lee Hazlewood prolly) buying her hella drugs (she put so much candy up her nose they called her Olivia Twist):

Nancy Sinatra - Who Will Buy?
"I'm so high, I swear I could fly / me oh my I don't want to lose it"

When you spend all your money on cocaine and have to live in the woods, but you don't care because you're high as F, it's called living in Sugar Town:

"Sugar Town"

And when you're on an epic coke bender, you inevitably do something stupid like getting married:

Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra - Jackson
(When you have a sweet mustache you can pretty much beat the shit out of women and they love it)

If you haven't heard a lot of Nancy Sinatra, you should check out The Essential Nancy Sinatra, she's got some legit jammies (I'm knocking The Highway Song nonstop right now).

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