Monday, December 1, 2008

Peaches and Cream

This song is real real nasty. I always thought Novel was a slow eater, but this weekend, a friend told me it's really about licking front-butt. I do not condone this action unless you need the lady to do you a really big favor.

I might be jaded when it comes to pussy eating, probably because the first girl who talked me into doing it, started bleeding mid-act. Gross.

Energy Saving Tip #2:
In this rough economy, B&B is trying to simplify your life, and save you money. My tip for today is save sex until you find a lady that's bleeding in her pants. It might be more mess, but there is almost zero stress. You can save money on condoms (little know trick, STDs can be killed by pouring vinegar on your man parts before you go in). Just think! You can save $2000 by avoiding just 4 abortions a year! For that kind of money think how many bricks you could buy to put in your toilet tank and minimize water waste in 2009 (after 10 years you can afford a Prius).

Energy Saving Tip #2.5
Have unprotected bloody sex at HER house. This way there's less stress the huge MESS of a murder scene you're about to create. If you're doing this at your house, you'll easily spend all the money you're saving on condoms and planned pregnancies on new sheets, bleach, and/or those plastic sheets that 8 year olds with pissy pants have.


  1. I just got vinegar in my dick hole, and I don't need to pee. What do I do?!

  2. If you leave it for too long, you'll pickle your stickle.