Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I used to love youtube. Today I went onto Youtube looking for "Bag Habit" by B-Legit. I wanted to use the song to illustrate how much Los Angeles has made me into a bitch. When that song came out I didn't know a single one of those designers, I probably picked up on the Louie and Gucci parts while in college, but for the most part I was clueless. One year in LA and now I know every fucking single one of them, and I can even give you the names of different furniture designers (for reallly).

I couldn't find the song, but I re-found the "Recommended for You" section of Youtube. This used to be great, they'd recommend me rap vidoes and videos of white girls shaking their meat parts, but not lately. Now every time I check they recommend me some weirdo borderline molester videos like THIS (breast feeding video) which has left a sour taste in my mouth and made me want to avoid the "Recommended for You" section. Today I made the mistake of checking out what Youtube thinks I might like and got:

Youtube needs to stop playing games.

I think with the combination of this blog post and the heartfelt emails asking them to cut out the boyz humping pillows videos, worked.

I just checked and Youtube recomended me YOGA BABES DANCING. THANX!

Someone is playing some baby games with my account.

He does have some tasty looking nippies though.

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