Thursday, December 11, 2008

the ultimate ALTcessory

it's fun to have a little animal you can dress up and take care of until you're sick of it and you can leave it at the pound-- they won't let you do that with a baby which is bullshit. but like, seriously, everyone has a f'ing dog and if you carry around a cat ppl think you're homeless. i want an animal that is like 100% ironic in a modern urban setting, and takes HUGE shits that i totally won't pick up:

Uh Huh Her - Not A Love Song
speaking of huge piles of shit, how awful is that song? mute it and watch the shit out of that mini-horse.

for real though, that little mini horse would totally fit in my loft. and he'd fart on the elevator and get really huge red rockets...


  1. I think it's a mini-uni. He'd have rainbow rockets. Jizzing fairy dust and magic. I'd totally catch a unicorn load on my face.

  2. i just cleansed my ritalin filled sinuses with two shots of espresso and watched the shit out that filthy animal's horn hot dog poking her bagel