Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sonny Lester Orchestra

The following is from Jillian:

Sonny lester made albums like "learn to strip for your lover" that sold super fast in the 60s and came with how-to books. The music is super fun.

Newspaper coverage of a woman who was caught shoplifting a copy from the record section at Macy's helped build the record's notoriety. How many husbands actually succeeded in convincing their wives to follow the enclosed instructions and perform forbidden dances in the living room (or the rumpus room) is unknown, but the success of the first album lead Roulette to release five more in its wake.

Look at that beez do her thing to the "Orchestra". This is a lesson for you boys in this upcoming weekend. Step your god damn game up. If you want to get a classy broad to do some sleezy things, follow my lead. God Damn It.

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