Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Humpkin Pie

Ron Jeremy's been stirrin' the seeds since 1995:

from AVN.com:
"Humpkin Pie
Company: Heatwave Entertainment
Director: Mark
Cast: Alabama, Brianon, Dick Nasty, Frank Towers, Lennox, Ron Jeremy
Running Time: 86
Reviewed by: Alex Simmons
Reviewed In: January 1996

The phenomenally stacked Jordan St. James has thick, pouty lips and a pair of legs that stretch all the way up to her majestic ass. Jordan reclines on a poolside lounger to offer Frank Towers her mohawk juicebox, and without skipping a beat, hops into bed with Dick Nasty, where she blows him while slapping her melon-tits against his balls. Nothing too fancy, but Humpkin Pie has more than its share of smoke-curling moments."

B&B readers, let us know your thoughts on the MOHAWK JUICEBOX.