Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One of the best nights of my life...

Last night, while watching Obama kill it, I ate some chips and barakamole, then smoked some barakoli (8 more years of these jokes), then devoured a square apple pie (to symbolize change in America), then watched the best episode of INTERVENTION I've ever seen:

This bitch huffs computer duster. Yarra WHOA. Must see TV (the rest of the episode is on youtube).


  1. That episode was such a bummer to watch high. I don't know how Mister Doyle can get though a fucking day at work.

    beezies and bankrolls <3's Doyle

  2. jesus christ! that is fuckin bizarre...
    ....the irony that she used to play the flute and now she huffs compressed does she put it up to her grill without freezing her shit off???
    10 cans a day??????? WTF!!! yeesh.
    HOPE muthafuckas