Friday, November 7, 2008

Weather Girlz

Up in the Bay Area the weather was always the shittiest segment on the local news. Before I moved to Los Angeles, this was always when I got up to grab something from the fidge or use the potty. The weather girlz in L.A. are super top-notch, almost to the point of making up for all the shitty crap down here.

In the mornings I like to chill with big breasted Elita Loresca on KNBC. Her chest is so fluffy, for a better look check out her pictures in FHM.

After work I love to spend my time with Jackie Johnson on KCAL because she is always the most informative about the weather I already experienced all day long.

Sometimes when I'm feeling extra lonely I switch to the Spanish stations because they have the sluttiest weather girlz.

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