Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gimme Racks

I've been a loyal fan of The (Wolf)Pack for almost four years now, much like being a 49ers or Warriors fan, it hasn't been easy. Before Young L's ridiculous auto-tune love disco dance tracks or the 30 or more myspace music pages filled with Lil B's craptasic nonsensical suburban peace and luv inspiration tracks, it was pretty easy to defend my position that The Pack is next level. It's getting rough, and harder not to feel like a teeny bopper.

Young L and Lil B keep disappointing me with their lowrent attempts to make a Gym Class Fall Out Heroes online presence. A good example is this 18 minute long video of pure discomfort.

Even after watching videos like the one above and listening to horribly shitty "songs" I find it nearly impossible to be mad at him for three reasons:

1. His diamonds

2. Songs like this

3. His skills wrangling Myspace groupies (He claims to have over 600 pictures from lady fans), here's a sampling

So in the end, I think I'll be swinging from their Lil Young Stunnarific sacks for a while longer.

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