Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Roach Gigz of B.I.G.just posted a new track, I'm Up, which is pretty much a new On One with a focus on dextromethorphan [not sleepy] cough syrup (not promethazine [sleepy]).

Im Up "The Drug Song" - Roach Gigz and Lil 4Tay "B.I.G."

"The only thing down are my thumbs." "Like I'm so up I can't feel life." "Fuck my face I can't feel my knees."

I'm not mad at the song at all. I've been noticing that ough syrup is really making a come back in the Bay and inspiring a lot of shit music *cough*robocop*cough*.

It's yung squad shit ho
We stay getting that dough
We'll take our ass to the 'sco
To drop your ass to the flo'
Yeah you already know, that we bang this shit
And we be reppin the clit
*Garble*Gargle Front Butt*
I'm from the East, boy
And I will snatch your hoe
And bust nutz
*Gerble*Garble*Large Hamster*
So, I'm gonna hit you on the space, bitch
So we can get to my place, quick
We sippin' 'bo, yeah
*Alien*We in outer space, bitch*Alien voice*
On our dick faggot nigga
So you need to switch
And that's why we called you bitch
I bet you

Kids, don't drink cough syrup, it makes you fucking retarded.

Just remember, live every week like it's Shark Week, ya feel me?

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