Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update: Ball Street Journal

Say what you may about the direction Earl has taken in the past five years, I can say without a doubt that Beezies & Bankrolls will continue to ride for the man and his music. I cannot say that we ride for the many failed products he has been hocking these past few years. Around the time of Breaking News he started hyping his “dictionary book of slang” (have you seen it? I haven’t), this is the same time when his music making started to suffer. Here are some of his other Entrepreneurial endeavors:

The San Jose Earthquakes Anthem (Listen)
Fatburger franchises
Cloud 9 Liquor
The Ambassador’s Lounge
Wingstop Restaurants
40 Water
The Hyphy Movement

Here are five songs that are supposed to be on the Ball Street Journal, take a listen for yourself.

E-40, Turf Talk - Get Rich Twice

E-40, Lil Jon - Sweat Box

E-40, Shawty Lo - Break Ya Ankles

E-40, Akon - Wake It Up

E-40, Lil Jon - Turf Drop

How long do you think it will be before 40 and Lil Jon start endorsing Just For Men hair color for dreads?


  1. oh man, talk about garbage cookie cutter production. disappointing.

  2. the first song (Got Rich Twice) is the only one with some serious replay value, but i dig 40's music regardless just lookin for more real shit