Monday, September 15, 2008

Wayne = My Hero

Saturday night Wayne was on SNL with Michael Phelps and Tina Fey (no Barack. Wayne's performance of Lollipop confirmed a few things in my mind, mainly his supreme rock star status, and his access to supreme drogas. Even if Wayne isn't a guitar hero, he is my hero.

If you sell a million in a week, you can get away with a guitar solo like that without many people saying shit.


  1. indeed that guitar solo says a lot about lil' waynes status because i do agree that he got away with it,
    dude is a pretty dope rapper and i'm confused and impressed with his new fusioned sense of style, partially original and partially hipster and partially hip-hop and partially mainstream pop and very much rock and roll,
    now he's taking guitar lessons and busting out 2-note solos after ripping flows... got me thinking how awesome it would be if a rapper could bust out an extremely dope verse and then bust out unbelievable solos on piano, guitar, drums, and perhaps saxophone. i think my limbic system might explode.
    lil wayne is tight i just wish he'd play his better songs during these kinds of venues...

  2. I think "I feel like dying" is the best song of the last year...