Monday, September 29, 2008

White Chocolate on the Shelf

Jason Williams retired today. Since his highschool days dishing alley oops to Randy Moss, J-Will has been tickling fans with his stubborn dedication to ill-advised passes, haphazard crossovers, and questionable shot selection-- "he'd try anything." Thanks for all the highlights, J-Will:

Jason Williams Highlights
Behind-the-back-off-the-elbow, OH BOY! Too bad he passed it to soft-serve Raef LaFrentz.

And he could rap!

By the way, whenever I'm watching basketball highlight mixes on YouTube, there's always some mix with a ridiculously incongruous song playing over it. For example, I bet White Chocolate has never even heard this song:

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  1. watching these highlights reminds me of andy up at the ranch