Wednesday, September 17, 2008

VAMPIRES: Transylvania Groupie Love

Vampires are orally fixated (duh) and will mouthify just about anything with a pulse, but they aren't necessarily ONLY after your blood, there's a new breed of clever teenage vampire gold-diggers, and they're after designer purses and trucks as well:

But what about those people who in return LOVE vampires? Sound retarded? Totes. Check out this fine pair of angry bat-humping groupies:

He's a model, so STFU!

Anyway, it’s well known that if you’re indiscriminate about how many vampire cocks you suck, then you’re a slut. But let’s try to look beyond the common mythology behind vampires and the groupies that coddle their pale immortal ballsacks and listen to some classic synth pop exploring vampire groupieism:

We all just want to be wanted... and Dolce&Kabanna?